What Does Freedom Mean?
It’s Simple.
Every human being has the right to choose their own path. Equality. Equity.



Humanity Wins.



We raise awareness and inspire change to end human trafficking, sex slavery and child exploitation. Let’s create new cultural models for gender equality and equity.



We go further together. Progress does not operate in a vacuum. Cross-collaboration breeds innovation to understand and solve social issues.



Film, music, arts, online retail, publishing and so much more. We use creativity, organize talent, develop and manage win-win projects that serve our communities.



Our technology teams are poised to roll up their sleeves; we build digital tools that foster education and mission-critical grassroots objectives.



Our revenue sharing and fundraising business models help those on the ground. We take profits and re-invest back into our communities.

We collaborate with talent, businesses, and nonprofits that want to join forces to eradicate human trafficking. By using our collective resources, we can make a difference.

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What We Do

We serve as fundraising incubators to help our most vulnerable in society who are targets of human traffickers. We collaborate with the entertainment industry, artists, musicians, writers, businesses, and organizations working the front lines to eradicate human and
sex trafficking in the United States.
Due to such extreme, inequitable economic conditions in the U.S., we’re pushing to support a human-centered economy, with livable wages, that’s free of the need for human exploitation.
Our NHT Awareness Campaign is our flagship annual program. Many people are not aware that human trafficking, sex trafficking is happening in our own backyards in U.S. cities and states. Human trafficking crosses, race, age, socioeconomics, and gender lines.
Our intent is to create fiscal opportunities for under-served communities, provide online workshops, training, offer speaker seminars, and support legislation for victims by first expanding society’s awareness, we turn our programs into focused action.
Our ultimate goal is to be fiscally solvent where 100% of public donations go back into our high-risk communities, where we offer grants, scholarships, fund startup capital for new businesses, and help victims become victors.
Who We Are

We’re a group of concerned citizens, professionals, businesses, executives, and startups who care about creating opportunities for others who are vulnerable to the human trafficking industry. We know that Human Trafficking, Sex Slavery, and Child Exploitation are huge social issues. We formed a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit (tax-deductible contributions) based out of Los Angeles, CA to help our communities nationally. Our objective is to help individuals and those on the front lines tackle this important social issue by offering tools, resources, and funding to help meet their goals.